Hello fellow flower lovers,

I hope 2022 is proving to be a happy and healthy year for you all so far.

Wedding bookings are rapidly growing with couples feeling confident knowing that their big day will be more likely to go ahead now that covid restrictions have eased.

If you’re planning your big day I’m hoping to shine a light on some of the ways to assist you with sticking to your budget in regards to choosing florals and tips to ensure that your floral vision will come to life without breaking the bank.

When choosing a budget, review the venue you’re considering. For example, a marquee wedding is a blank canvas to work with for your suppliers. It will require more florals, lighting and props when organising styling. If you have a larger guest list, this is a great option given that theres sufficient space to fit bigger numbers of your loved ones. Keep in mind that a generous budget may be needed. If you are hoping for a winery wedding you will have a gorgeous space to work with, inside and out. Less is more with key floral pieces being the focus rather than overdoing it. You will have beautiful fixtures and fittings, accentuate rather than over fill. Minimal is key rather that making a beautiful space look to busy. Illuminating a room adds ambience and brings a romantic look. Seek advice from your lighting vendors regarding the best style and options to compliment the space. Don’t over look candles, you can never have too many and this will assist with filling space while being an economical choice. In regards to your bridal party, while you may have many friends to choose from remember that the more you have the more florals you’ll need. Chat to your chosen floral designer about bouquets that can compliment yours without breaking the budget. Yours will need to be the stand out so remember to budget accordingly to make this happen.

Finally, choose vendors that  get you excited. You should feel 110% comfortable knowing that your needs will always be taken care of. Enjoy the planning and lead up to your wedding. We are here to assist and to ensure that you feel at peace when choosing us.


Big love,

Liesa X