Welcome to my new blog

Hi fellow flower lovers,
Welcome to my new blog. I’m so happy you’re here!

Whether you’re new to floral design, have been here for a while running your own business, are wanting to take the next steps in your career or just love all things floral, I hope that you’ll find something included that will spark a sense of joy and encouragement within you.

I started in the industry 26 years ago. I’d always loved gardening and flowers and felt a sense of calm yet excitement being amongst nature. My first job as a florist was delivering the blooms. I loved seeing people’s happy reactions when they received their delivery and wanted to play a larger part in that by creating. That’s when my floral journey began.

I have worked for and managed many florists throughout my time in the industry. Nine years ago I felt prepared to go out on my own and my event business Fleur de Lys flowers was born. I’ve always loved assisting others, so I began my workshops which has enabled me to see like-minded souls grow and shine in an industry which means the world to me and stole my heart.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be unhappy in a career that feels joyless, yet I heard this story time and time again when starting out teaching. This prompted me to create my weekend workshops with the intention to ignite passion, confidence, and the tools to prepare those who were ready to begin or enhance their floral design journey. I have been lucky enough to watch several amazing creatives grow successful businesses living a work life that provides happiness and delights so many others.

Working with blooms is the blissful side of floristry but navigating your way through the business side can be challenging. I’ve created a tutorial that assists you with getting organised and making a profit. The information has been based on subjects that students have approached me with during my time teaching. They include social media marketing, purchasing stock, preparing for events, client care procedures, using intuition for bookings along with tips to write potent terms and conditions pages. I’ve also produced an extensive suppliers list for obtaining stock items and a simple to use system for quoting effectively in conjunction with industry standards to enhance profit and confidence when pricing your events.

It is easy to feel alone and anxious when starting out or whilst running a business that constantly demands us to grow and evolve. I’m here to assist you and welcome your feedback. For instance, where do you feel stuck, what elements make you happy? I’d love to hear the thoughts and experiences that brought you here. I will endeavour to write on the subjects that will assist you within our industry in order to increase your knowledge and keep the passion for floral design alive. We’re in this together.

Big love,
Liesa X